Jun 23, 2017


I'm heading away for a few days...first camping trip of the year!! Have a few deliveries to make and we should be able to find bears to photograph. Not sure about the bug situation but hoping we're over the worst of blackflies etc. The weather is going to be cool and we're getting some rain. Love camping in the rain not to mention the photography opportunities that provides. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Northern Mockingbird in Florida

Jun 21, 2017

Marshmallow Melt

 Easily one of my favorite landscape photos I've taken in the last few years. Photo taken along Upper Terrace Drive in Yellowstone National Park.

Curious Owlet

Florida Burrowing Owlet

Jun 20, 2017

Explore Dream Discover

On Assignment for Canadian Geographic.  Portage in Algonquin Provincial Park along Hwy. 60. (Photo: Megan Lorenz/Canadian Geographic)

Poor Mom!!

This poor Yellow-Bellied Marmot Mom was very busy. Her babies were just beginning to explore areas outside of the den and she wasn't happy about it! She'd go and roll one baby into a ball and carry it in her mouth back to the den. As soon as one baby was safe inside, she would go collect another by which time the first baby was already back outside the den running around. Not sure where the male or other female was during this time...they didn't make an appearance until later on in the day leaving this poor girl alone with at least 8 active little explorers.

Stink Eye

Florida Burrowing Owlet

Bear Stare

Yearling Black Bear in Ontario, Canada.